About Me


Ceramic Spirit is based in Horsham, West Sussex.  The studio is purpose built with space for two electric wheels and space for 6 people.  The studio was built with love and the colours are very much inspired by nature and enhance a sense of peace.    Ceramic Spirit is a space to learn about Ceramics and to offer mindful classes to help tackle anxiety, depression and provide stress relief through its therapeutic qualities.  Clay Therapy offers a pathway into communication and reminiscence for people with dementia.  Ceramic Spirit is a calm space which provides psychological well being through clay therapy.

I started my love of Ceramics whilst on my Art and Design Course in 1991, I then went on to do a Degree in Ceramics at Falmouth Art College, Cornwall.    Whilst there I learnt all the technical skills to be able to express myself through clay and glazes.  My work is “Joyful”, I have been experimenting with spontaneous thrown ware, and focusing on a range of resources, nature, animals, Indian textiles and childrens drawings.

To lift the thrown pots straight from the wheel leaving fingermarks and retaining the freshness of the clay is liberating.  Clay can be made into functional ware or sculpture.    You will learn technical skills which will include hand building, pinch pots, coiling, slab building, throwing on the wheel, in order for you to express yourself.  This will also include using slips and glazes in a variety of colours.

I have worked in schools with primary school age children through to secondary school  age producing clay work for exhibitions.  I have 25 years art experience, have a current DBS, child safeguarding certificate and I am a qualified first aider.

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