For up to 6 children £155  for 1.5 hours, £205 for two hours on a week day.  Adults & children on a weekend £245

Minimum Age 8

If two hours of ceramics are chosen each child will have a turn at the pottery wheels, they will make a tile, plaque, mug or bowl.  Each child will be shown the technical skills in order to do this.  If you would like everyone to be able to decorate their work then two hours would be best. This way slips and underglaze can be used by the children. If an hour is chosen the children will still make either a tile, plaque, mug or bowl.  Then a clear glaze will be applied by myself after the first firing.  (Please note children work at different speeds but I would expect if tiles or plaques are made they would be decorated with colour.)

Refreshments and biscuits will be provided for the two hour party.

If you would like to bring a cake and sing Happy Birthday please arrive 5 minutes before the end.

The studio  will be decorated for the party.

Please note each ceramic piece produced has to dry out completely, then have two firings and so the work will be ready in about three/four weeks after.

I will then contact you for you to collect the work.