Covid 19

Risk Assessment

I needed to think about the risks due to COVID 19 and do everything reasonably practical to minimise them, recognising I cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID 19.  To reassure you I have done a risk assessment, a risk assessment is about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in the workplace. 

Please be assured I am taking the utmost precautions to eliminate the risk.

Because of this I will be asking that masks or shields can be worn for the length of the class.  I will also be taking your temperature on arrival, if this is over 37.8C you will not be able to come in I am afraid. Please also on arrival have your mask or visor on and then wash your hands.  The risk of picking up COVID 19 from the tools and surfaces in the studio is low, and the amount of hand washing that is regularly done when using clay and glazes makes the spread of COVID 19 low risk from what I have read.  Please bring your own drink as I will not be able to provide refreshments at this time.  Windows will be open to enable the air to flow.

Managing Risk – Preventative Measures

If you experience flu like symptoms prior to the class, please do not attend.

Between classes every area of the studio will be sanitised. (I.e. door handles, window latches, surfaces, tools, glazes, tools etc.)  Towels and aprons will be washed between classes, please feel free to bring your own apron if you prefer.

I will take all necessary precautions by wearing appropriate PPE.  I will be wearing a visor.

Toilet Facilities

Downstairs toilet facilities will be available for your use.   However, if you can manage to avoid using the toilet during your class, this would be helpful.  Good hygiene and cleanliness will be assured and carefully managed.  Please use the clean towel that is provided and let me know so I can replace it. 

Keeping Clients Safe – to minimise the risk of transmission and protect the health of clients in close contact services

Clients that are tested positive for Covid-19 who have been on my premises in the previous 7 days must inform me immediately so that I can assist the NHS Test, Track and Trace programme.

24 hours before a class

Please think about the below

Within the last 14 days, have you:

  1. Experienced a new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  2. Experienced a new shortness of breath that you cannot contribute to another health condition?
  3. Experienced a sore throat, loss of taste or smell that you cannot contribute to another health condition?
  4. Experienced a temperature at, or above, 37.8C or sense of having a fever?
  5. Experienced close contact with someone who is/was sick with suspected or confirmed Covid-19?  (NB close contact is defined as within 6 feet for more than 10 consecutive minutes).
  6. Have you been self-isolating because of having symptoms of Covid-19?
  7. Has a member of your household been self-isolating because of having symptoms of Covid-19?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, please be kind enough to let me know and  do not attend a class.